OneTeam for iPhone 1.2.0

OneTeam for iPhone 1.2.0 is scheduled for submission on Apple Appstore.

OneTeam for iPhone is a Jabber / XMPP for iPhone that supports a large subset of the XMPP protocol. It is clean, easy to use and to not rely on third party server (it connects directly to your XMPP server).

I think we have reached a point in development where we are really happy with this client. It supports a really large number of XMPP server and authentication method. One of our biggest surprise has been with iChat server that require very unusual authentication methods. OneTeam for iPhone is probably one of the few XMPP clients that now supports it.

We have been quite far today in supporting XMPP features. For example we support gateways discovery and configuration directly from the phone (and gateway contact addition as well). The next big feature is probably be going to be groupchat support.

We are listening to your comments to help us improve this mobile XMPP client. Currently we think it is one of the most usable mobile client, but we are expecting to make it even better. Your feedback is welcome :)

More details on the product page OneTeam for iPhone.

OneTeam Open Beta Launched

We are proud to announce that OneTeam has now reached its open beta stage on

You can now freely create a account on and forward the link to your friends to share the experience. You need Firefox 2.0 to use it.

This web Instant Messaging client include many unique features, such as gateways, server-side messages archiving, rich native interface, avatar management, and so on.

Please be aware that OneTeam is still in beta stage and in very active development.

A forum is there to gather discussions, bug report and feature requests on OneTeam: OneTeam Forum

Thank you again for the big interest you have shown in OneTeam and for helping us making OneTeam the most user-friendly online Instant Messaging client.

Have fun !

OneTeam New Video Previews

We have published two new video previews of OneTeam, our Mozilla-based Instant Messaging client.

We have added a lot of improvements to our Enterprise Instant Messaging client since the start of the private beta test. We have polished the user interface and have added interesting new features. Both the overall user interface and the new features are demonstrated in video:

  • The first video, commented in English, is an overview demonstration of OneTeam performed during the FOSDEM 2007 event in Brussels: Demo OneTeam FOSDEM 2007.
  • The second video is a demonstration of our new help bot and avatar management system included in the Web version of OneTeam: OneTeam: Help Bot and Avatar Management.

Avatars management is a tricky topic in Web based Instant Messaging client as the browser security model prevents the Javascript code from reading file from your hard drive. We however managed to add avatar management to OneTeam web version, as shown by the demo.

The Help Bot is a feature we are planning to improve in the future. This project will be submitted as a Google Summer of Code 2007 project. If this project is accepted, we are planning to extend the OneTeam help system but also add help features for various other available XMPP clients (such as PSI and Gajim). We feel that having an help chat bot is the right way to assist new XMPP / Jabber user in their discovery of their client and the feature of the protocol: You get started by chatting with the bot so this is a very good introduction.

OneTeam Enterprise IM Client Video Preview

I have been presenting OneTeam yesterday at the Linux Solutions Event in Paris, in the Mozilla track. Here is the video preview from my talk.

My talk presenting our new OneTeam client have been well received by the Mozilla development community and by the users in the conference room. We feel that we are filling a gap in the Instant Messaging area. There is Firefox, Thunderbird, but no derivate IM client yet. The user expectations are high and this is encouraging.

We have now published the video preview that show some basic features of OneTeam: Demo OneTeam Mozilla/XUL conference. Please note that the comments are in French. An english version is on the way.

The development is going at a fast pace those days. The first round of invitations for the beta test will be send during the week-end. It is still time to register. Expect more video preview soon :)