OneTeam 5.0 for iOS, including OneTeam HD for iPad

OneTeam 5.0 for iOS has been released on the AppStore. It includes OneTeam HD, a special version for the iPad.

The OneTeam family for iOS has been released as version 5.0 on the AppStore. OneTeam for iOS comes in three flavours for iPhone and iPod Touch:

  • OneTeam: for any standard XMPP server
  • OneTeam for GTalk: for Google Talk users
  • OneTeam for Facebook: for Facebook chat users

But this time OneTeam HD has been released: it is a special version for the iPad. This application is very handy and elegant.

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OneTeam Desktop beta2 is released!

OneTeam Desktop is our free/libre/opensource chat client, based on XMPP/Jabber standard. It has just been released as version beta2. It is available immediately on


It has been a long time since OneTeam beta1: exactly 6 months, since it was released as beta1 the day before Christmas, on December, the 24th, 2010. During these 6 months, we have been working on many areas of OneTeam Desktop. We have created new features, we have enhanced others, and of course we have fixed bugs. You can download and install OneTeam Desktop on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, from: right now, while you read more.

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OneTeam alpha3

OneTeam alpha3 has been released to our private alpha-testers.

The desktop XMPP client OneTeam, made by ProcessOne, has been delivered to private alpha-testers, as version labelled “alpha3″. OneTeam comes in different flavors:

  • Standalone, for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, you can launch it form the Application menu, Dock, or Start menu, like Firefox,, VirtualBox, Audacity, etc.
  • Firefox extension, as a side bar, with a dedicated chat window

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New set of iPhone applications: Oneteam for Gtalk and TextOne

We have recently released a new set of applications on Apple AppStore to complete our professionnal XMPP offering on iPhone. Both applications are targeting end users.

OneTeam for Gtalk is a lightweight standalone version of OneTeam for iPhone. It supports user id with either or domain names. It is as cleaned and streamlined as OneTeam for iPhone and supports push for Gtalk through an XMPP proxy server, which makes it an exclusivity on Apple AppStore. Note that the proxy server is used only when pushed is enabled.

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OneTeam XMPP client entering private alpha

Our OneTeam XMPP client for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows is entering a private alpha period.

OneTeam is a multiplatform XMPP client for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. We have slowly worked on it during long months (and even years, it is being developed since 2006) but never had enough time and resources to release it properly.

The time to launch OneTeam in the wild and interoperable internet is soon arriving. We believe we have achieved our goal to deliver some real enterprise-class user experience. As a proof, we are using it inhouse on a daily basis as a productivity tool, without any major glitch.

For the record, OneTeam works as a Firefox extension, as well as a standalone application, on the three major platforms, thanks to the XUL technology. OneTeam has a nice dashboard-based interface, and handy user interactions improvements everywhere. This XMPP client supports a wide range of features, including chat and presence of course, but also Multi-User Chat (groupchat), message threading, history browsing, etc. It also features Jingle voice calls, as well as the exclusive Jingle Nodes feature demoed at FOSDEM, that works much like Skype. On the more technical side, there is the XML console, as well as a very interesting remote debugging console.

So, we are now releasing OneTeam, but in alpha quality for now, to the curious ones, and those willing to help and test. Please feel free to contact us, if you want to join the alpha testing, and report issues. Please e-mail nverite at for a OneTeam ride.

OneTeam 3.0 for iPhone

The new version 3.0 of OneTeam for iPhone has been released, with the push notification feature from Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).

When moving with your iPhone, as a pedestrian, bike rider, car driver or in public transportation, you might have to shutdown the OneTeam for iPhone application while staying connected to your XMPP server. It is convenient for battery saving purposes, or because you want to use another application (iPhone OS 3.0 still does not authorize background applications).

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